Acetamiprid mainly has contact killing and stomach poisoning effects, and has certain repelling and antifeeding effects on pests supplied by QINGDAO HUARUI STAR TRADING CO.,LTD

  • Acetamiprid-70WG
  • Profenofos 94%TC,50%EC,40%EC,500G/LEC
  • Acetamiprid-70WG
  • Profenofos 94%TC,50%EC,40%EC,500G/LEC

Acetamiprid 70%WG

Acetamiprid is a new type of pyridine insecticide, which has stomach toxicity, contact killing and strong penetration, and shows quick-acting insecticidal power and long residual effect period. It is an insecticide with certain acaricidal activity, and its mode of action is a systemic insecticide for soil and foliage. Widely used in the control of rice, especially vegetables, fruit trees, tea aphids, planthoppers, thrips, and some Lepidoptera pests.

CAS: 135410-20-7

Chemical formula: C10H11ClN4

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Acetamiprid mainly has contact killing and stomach poisoning effects, and has certain repelling and antifeeding effects on pests, but has no systemic and fumigation effects. Acting on the nicotinic acetylcholine receptors at the synaptic site of the insect nervous system, it interferes with the stimulation conduction of the insect nervous system, causing the blockage of the nervous system pathway, resulting in the accumulation of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine at the synaptic site, leading to paralysis and eventually death of the insect.


① To control various vegetable aphids, carefully spray 1000-1500 times of 3% acetamiprid emulsifiable concentrate solution at the early stage of aphid occurrence, which has a good control effect. Even in rainy years, the medicinal effect can last for more than 15 days.

② To control aphids on fruit trees such as jujubes, apples, pears, and peaches, spray 2000-2500 times 3% acetamiprid emulsion with 2000-2500 times of Tianda acetamiprid emulsion during the early peak of aphids. More than 20 days.

③To control citrus aphids, spray 2000-2500 times 3% acetamiprid EC during the aphid occurrence period, which has excellent control effect and long specific effect on citrus aphids, and there is no phytotoxicity under normal dosage.

④ To control aphids on cotton, tobacco, peanuts and other crops, spray 2000 times 3% acetamiprid emulsifiable concentrate at the early peak of aphid occurrence, and the control effect is good.

⑤ To control whitefly and whitefly, spray 1000-1500 times 3% Tianda acetamiprid EC at the seedling stage, and spray 1500-2000 times 3% Tianda Acetamiprid EC at the adult plant stage, the control effect is over 95% . Spray 4000-5000 times of 3% Tianda acetamiprid emulsifiable emulsion during the harvest period, and the control effect is still more than 80%. No effect on yield and quality.

⑥ To prevent and control various vegetable thrips, spray 1500 times 3% acetamiprid emulsifiable emulsion at the peak larvae stage, and the control effect can reach more than 90%.

⑦ To control rice planthoppers, spray 1000 times 3% acetamiprid emulsifiable emulsion with 1000 times of Tianda at the peak of young nymphs, and the control effect can reach more than 90%.


1. It is toxic to silkworms, so do not spray it on mulberry leaves.

2. Do not mix with strong alkaline liquid medicine.

3. This product should be stored in a cool and dry place, and it is forbidden to store it with food.

4. Although the toxicity of this product is small, care must be taken not to drink or eat it by mistake. In case of drinking by mistake, induce vomiting immediately and send it to the hospital for treatment.

5. This product has low irritation to the skin. Be careful not to splash it on the skin. In case of splashing, wash it off with soapy water immediately.

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