Chlorfenapyr is a broad-spectrum insecticide and acaricide, both stomach poisoning and contact killing, no cross-resistance with other insecticides. Contact for more details.

  • Chlorfenapyr 240GLSC
  • Chlorfenapyr 10%ME
  • Chlorfenapyr 240GLSC
  • Chlorfenapyr 10%ME

Chlorfenapyr 10%ME

Chlorfenapyr acts on the mitochondria of cells in the insect body, and acts through the multifunctional oxidase in the insect body. The drug has stomach toxicity and contact killing effects. It has strong permeability on the leaf surface, has a certain systemic effect, and has the characteristics of wide insecticidal spectrum, high control effect, long-lasting effect, and safety. Resistant pests can be controlled.

CAS: 122453-73-0

Chemical formula: C15H11BrClF3N2O

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Product Details

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Chlorfenapyr  is a new type of pyrrole insecticide and acaricide. It has excellent control effect on boring, sucking and chewing pests and mites. It is more effective than cypermethrin and cyfluthrin, and its acaricidal activity is stronger than that of dicofol and tricyclic tin.


c moderate residual activity on crops; effective root absorption in nutrient solution Selective systemic activity; moderate oral toxicity to mammals, low transdermal toxicity; low effective dosage (100g active ingredient/hm2). Its remarkable insecticidal and acaricidal activities and unique chemical structure have attracted widespread attention and attention.

Target Pests:

Plutella xylostella, cabbage caterpillar, beet armyworm, litura, cabbage borer, cabbage aphid, leafminer, thrips and other vegetable pests.


(1) Each crop is only allowed to be used twice at most to avoid drug resistance; the safe interval for cruciferous vegetables is tentatively set at 14 days, and it should be used with caution on cucumber, lettuce, tobacco, and melon vegetables.

(2) This product is poisonous to fish, and the liquid medicine cannot be directly sprinkled on water and water sources

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