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  • Glufosinate ammonium 200gl
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  • Glufosinate ammonium 200gl
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Glufosinate ammonium 10% SL

Glufosinate-ammonium is a phosphonic acid herbicide, a glutamine synthesis inhibitor, and a non-selective contact herbicide with partial systemic effect. Within a short time after application, the ammonium metabolism in the plant is in disorder, and the cytotoxic ammonium ions accumulate in the plant. At the same time, photosynthesis is severely inhibited, achieving the purpose of weeding and used to control weeds in non-arable land.

CAS: 77182-82-2

Chemical formula: C5H15N2O4P

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Product Details

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Mode of action:

1.This product is a phosphate herbicide, a glutamine synthesis inhibitor, and a non-selective contact-killing herbicide with partial system action. Controls a variety of annual and perennial green weeds.

2.This product has a wide spectrum of week killing, fast weed killing speed,long lasting effect, ans is resistant to rain erosion. It is relatively safe for users and lignified crop roots, bark and tropical shallow-rooted fruit trees. It decomposes quickly after being put into the soil,so it has no soil activity.


Technical requirements for use:

1.This product should be applied in the period when the weeds are growing vigorously, pay attention to spray evenly

2.Do not apply on windy days or when it is expected to rain within 6 hours

3.The user can adjust the dosage according to the type of weeds, grass age,density,temperature and humidity,etc. within the scope of registration and approval.


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