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25 g/L lambda-cyhalothrin insecticide and acaricide mainly with contact and stomach poisoning effects

Jul 19th, 2023

25% Pyraclostrobin microcapsule suspension

25 g/L lambda-cyhalothrin is a high-efficiency, broad-spectrum, quick-acting pyrethroid insecticide and acaricide, mainly with contact and stomach poisoning effects, without systemic effect. 

Target pests: 

Lepidoptera, Coleoptera and Hemiptera and other pests, as well as spider mites, rust mites, gall mites, tarsal mites, etc. 

It can also treat insects and mites concurrently, and can control cotton red Bollworm and cotton bollworm, cabbage caterpillar, cabbage aphid, tea looper, tea caterpillar, tea orange gall mite, leaf gall mite, citrus leaf moth, orange aphid and citrus spider mite, rust mite, peach borer and pear borer, etc. It can also be used to control a variety of surface and public health pests. 

Target crop: 

For wheat, corn, fruit trees, cotton, cruciferous vegetables, etc. 

Mode of Action:

This product is a pyrethroid insecticide with contact killing, stomach poisoning and repelling effects. Adding the latest international technology of luring and killing insects, combined with the physiology and living habits of cutworms (soil silkworms), it is a special-effect pesticide for killing soil silkworms. It has strong contact killing, stomach poisoning, fumigation and repelling functions.