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Metribuzin 97%TC 95%TC

Metribuzin is a selective herbicide that absorbs mainly through roots, stems and leaves. It has good control effect on one year old broad-leaved weeds and some weeds, but not on perennial weeds. The efficacy is greatly affected by the soil type, the content of organic matter, humidity and temperature, and the use conditions are more strict. Improper use, or ineffective, or produce drug harm.

CAS: 21087-64-9

Chemical formula: C7H14N4OS

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Product Details

Mode of action: 

Applicable to the control of polygonum, amaranth, quinoa, mustard, Veronica, chickweed, buckwheat, Elsholtzia, Artemisia annua, stipa, setaria, cockleberry, nightshade, matang, wild oats and other 1-year old broad-leaved grass and some 1-year old weeds in soybean, potato, tomato, alfalfa, asparagus, sugar cane and other crop fields.


Usage method

1. Soybean fields using spring soybean seeding, with 70% wettability powder per acre  53-76 grams, 30 kilograms of water, soil surface evenly spray cloth. After sowing and before seedling emergence of summer soybeans, 33-57 grams of 70% wettable powder per mu was used to treat the same spring soybeans.

2. After sowing and before seedling emergence, use 70% wettable powder Nepeta 66-76 grams per mu, 30 kilograms of water, evenly spray cloth wrapped in soil, and use after seedling emergence. Generally, when the potato plant height is more than 10cm, drug resistance decreases and drug damage is easy to occur.


Storage and transportation

The 50% wettable powder is packed in a plastic bag. Moisture-proof and sun-proof during storage and transportation. Do not mix with food, seeds or feed.

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