We offer Paraquat 20%SL with good price. It can be quickly absorbed by green plant tissues and loses activity quickly after contact with soil.

  • Praquat 20%SL
  • Praquat 20%SL

Paraquat 20%%SL Weed Control Herbicides

Used as a fast-acting, broad-spectrum, contact-killing, biocidal herbicide. This agent is used before emergence and loses activity when in contact with soil. It has no effect on crop seedlings unearthed after spraying.

CAS: 4685-14-7

Chemical formula: (C12H14N2)2+

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Product Details


Formulations: 20%SL

Target Crops: Used for weeding in orchards, mulberry orchards, rubber plantations, rice fields, dry land and no-till planting areas.


Mode of Action:

It can control various annual weeds; it has a strong killing effect on perennial weeds, but its underground stems and roots can sprout new branches; it has no effect on lignified brown stems and trunks. It is suitable for controlling weeds in orchards, mulberry orchards, rubber gardens and forest belts. It can also be used to control weeds in non-arable land, field ridges and roadside. For wide-row crops such as corn, sugar cane, soybeans and nurseries, directional spraying can be used to control weeds. Grass.

Safety to crops: Paraquat is a biocidal herbicide. If it is not sprayed on the green stems and leaves of crops, the liquid will only stain the brown lignified bark and branches and will not harm crops or trees. Paraquat will lose activity when it comes in contact with soil. It should be removed 1-2 days before sowing and is safe for crops.


Storage and Shipping:

Store in designated areas of pesticide warehouses, preferably without sewers. Keep away from fire and heat sources. Protect from direct sunlight. Packed in 1 kg/plastic bag or 10 kg/kraft paper bag. Store in a cool and dry place. Storage and transportation of drugs as organic [2]. Make sure the packaging container is intact. It should be stored separately from oxidants, alkalis, and edible chemical raw materials. Not to be transported with food and feed. Do not mix storage or transportation; pack and unload lightly when handling to prevent damage to packaging and containers; pay attention to personal protection during packaging and handling operations.



Technical: 200kgs/drum

Formulation: 500 ml, 1 L, 5L, 10 L, 20 L, 200 L

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