Aldicarb is a pesticide mainly used to control cotton pests such as cotton aphid, cotton red spider, cotton thrips, weevils, etc. Qingdao Huarui Star Trading Co., Ltd.

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Aldicarb 5%GR

Aldicarb is a kind of endogenic insecticide, which has contact, stomach toxicity and endogenic effects. It is mainly used to control cotton pests such as cotton aphid, cotton red spider, cotton thrips, weevils, etc. It can also control sugar beet, hemp and flower pests. Used as an agricultural insecticide. According to the State regulations, aldicarb is prohibited to be used on vegetables, melons, fruits, tea leaves, fungi and Chinese herbal medicines, to control sanitary pests, and to control aquatic plants with insect pests.

Product name: Aldicarb

Chemical formula: C7H14N2O2S

Molecular weight:190.263

CAS number: 116-06-3

Melting point 98 to 100 ℃

CAS: 116-06-3

Chemical formula: C7H14N2O2S

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Product Details

Product performance:

Aldicarb 5% is a carbamate insecticide, acaricide, and nematocide. It has contact killing, stomach poisoning, and 

systemic effects. It can be absorbed by plant roots and transmitted to the above-ground tissues and organs of plants.


Storage and transportation

Store in a cool, ventilated warehouse. Keep away from fire and heat. Keep out of direct sunlight. The package is sealed. It should be stored separately from oxidant, alkali and edible chemicals, and should not be mixed. Equipped with the corresponding variety and quantity of fire equipment. The storage area should be equipped with suitable materials to contain leaks.


1. In order to achieve scientific, reasonable and safe use, it must be carried out under the guidance of technical personnel from the local agricultural plant protection department, and the instructions on the label and relevant technical information must be carefully understood.

2. Under any circumstances, it is strictly prohibited to bring aldicarb granules into direct contact with seeds or seedlings to prevent the occurrence of phytotoxicity and to facilitate the full development of the drug's efficacy. Keep the soil moist before and after applying pesticides.

3. This product is strictly prohibited to be used on vegetables and melons. It is strictly prohibited to be used in paddy fields. It is strictly prohibited to soak it in water and spray it.

4. A dedicated person should be assigned to apply the medicine. Protective clothing and gloves should be worn when using this product to avoid inhaling the medicine liquid. Do not eat or drink during the application period. Wash your hands and face promptly after applying the medicine.

5. Use pesticides away from aquaculture areas, and it is prohibited to wash pesticide application equipment in rivers, ponds and other water bodies; to avoid pesticide liquid contaminating water sources.

First aid measure

Skin contact: Rinse thoroughly with soapy water and clean water. Seek medical attention.

Eye contact: Open eyelid and rinse with running water for 15 minutes. Seek medical attention.

Inhalation: Remove from site to fresh air. Give oxygen when breathing is difficult. When respiration stops, give artificial respiration immediately. Seek medical attention. Seek medical attention.

Ingestion: If ingested by mistake, drink warm water to induce vomiting. Gastric lavage. Seek medical attention.


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