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  • Carbosulfan 20%EC
  • Carbosulfan 92%TC, 90% TC
  • Carbosulfan 20%EC
  • Carbosulfan 92%TC, 90% TC

Carbosulfan 20%EC

Carbosulfan is one of the low-toxicity varieties of carbofuran, moderate oral toxicity, low percutaneous toxicity, no cumulative toxicity, no deformity, carcinogenesis and mutagenicity. It has low toxicity to natural enemies and beneficial organisms, that is, the low-toxic derivative of carbofuran pesticide, which is an efficient, safe and easy to use insecticide and acaricide, and is one of the ideal alternatives to the highly toxic pesticide carbofuran.

CAS: 55285-14-8

Chemical formula: C20H32N2O3S

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Product Details

Qingdao Huaruistar.jpg_1140x855Carbofuran is a broad spectrum insecticide and nematocidal agent, which has the effects of contact and stomach toxicity. It binds irreversibly to cholinesterase and is therefore highly toxic. It can be absorbed by plant roots and transported to plant organs, most of which are leaf margin. The residual effect period of soil application is long, while the residual effect period of spraying on paddy surface is short.

Application scope: Applicable to rice, cotton, tobacco, soybean and other crops on the control of a variety of pests, can also be used as a special seed treatment agent.


Mode of action

This product has systemic, contact and stomach poisoning effects, has a long lasting effect, and can be used to control pests on cotton.


Technical requirements for use:

  1. This product should be sprayed evenly from the peak stage of cotton aphid eggs to the period when the young larvae are boring. It should be sprayed every 10 days or so depending on the occurrence of insect damage. It can be applied 3-4 times continuously.

2. Do not apply pesticides on windy days or if rainfall is expected within 1 hour.

3. The safe interval for using this product on cotton is 30 days, and it can be used up to 2 times per season.

4. Warning signs should be set up after pesticide application, and humans and animals can enter the pesticide application site 24 hours after pesticide application.

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