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Azoxystrobin 98%TC

Azoxystrobin is a methoxyacrylate bactericidal pesticide with high efficiency and broad spectrum. It has good activity against almost all fungal diseases such as powdery mildew, rust, glume blight, net spot, downy mildew, rice blast and so on. Can be used for stem and leaf spray, seed treatment, can also be used for soil treatment, mainly used for grains, rice, peanuts, grapes, potatoes, fruit trees, vegetables, coffee, lawn and so on. 

CAS: 131860-33-8

Chemical formula: C22H17N3O5

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Product Details

Technical requirements for use:

The dosage is 25mL-50/ mu. Azoxystrobin cannot be mixed with insecticide emulsions, especially organophosphorus emulsions, nor can it be mixed with organosilicon synergists, because it will cause drug harm due to strong permeability and extensibility.



1. Sterilization spectrum is wide: a medicine to cure many diseases, reduce the amount of medicine, reduce production costs

2. Increase resistance to disease: less disease, growing prosperous, early birth fast, early market, high price

3. Improve resistance: poor climate also high yield

4. Delay aging: elongate harvest period, increase total production, improve the total income

5. Long duration: special effect period of 15 days, reduce the number of drug use, vegetable agricultural residue less, high quality low price

6. High efficiency and safety: internal absorption strong penetration effect is obvious, natural low toxicity safety and pollution-free 

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