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Buprofezin 98%TC,97% TC,40%WP

Buprofezin is an insect growth regulator insecticide, which is mainly used for pest control of rice, fruit trees, tea trees, vegetables and other crops, and has persistent larvicidal activity against Coleoptera, some homoptera and acariformes. It can effectively control macrophyllidae and planthopteridae on rice and macrophyllidae on potato. Whiteflies of citrus, cotton, and vegetables; Scale, Aspididae and mealyidae on citrus.

Technical: 98%TC,97% TC

Formulation: 40%WP

CAS: 69327-76-0

Chemical formula: C16H23N3SO

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Product Details

Mode of Action

It acts on the insect neuroendocrine system, interferes with the normal activities of the pleural body and prothoracic glands, and presents a series of adverse reactions. And this adverse reaction is irreversible, so that the pest can not be revived after the drug.


Safty directions

(1) Digestive tract intake: immediately induce vomiting, wash the stomach with water, and induce diarrhea.

(2) Skin contact: Remove contaminated clothing and rinse the contaminated skin thoroughly with plenty of clean or soapy water.

(3) Eye contact: Open the upper and lower eyelids, rinse thoroughly with a large amount of flowing water, at least 15min.

(4) Respiratory inhalation: If accidentally inhaled, immediately move the patient to the air circulation.


Directions for use

It is suggested that apply this product with pesticides of different action mechanism. It is toxic to bee, fish,and other aquatic organisms and silkworm. It is forbidden to use when the surrounding crops are at flowering period.It is forbidden to clean the applicator in ponds or rivers.


Storage and disposal

Isolate the contaminated area of leakage and restrict access. Cut off the fire. It is recommended that emergency personnel wear dust masks and protective clothing, and do not contact the leak directly.

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