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  • -1_0001_阿维菌素 95%TC
  • -1_0000_阿维菌素 95%TC
  • Abamectin 5%EC
  • -1_0001_阿维菌素 95%TC
  • -1_0000_阿维菌素 95%TC
  • Abamectin 5%EC

Abamectin 95%TC,1%GR,1.5%GR,5%EC

Abamectin has gastric toxicity and palpation effect on mites and insects, and has strong permeability. After spraying the liquid into the leaf surface of plants, it quickly penetrates into the mesophyll and forms numerous miniature drug sacs. Adult mites, nymphs and insect larvae appear paralytic symptoms immediately after feeding or contact with the liquid, and they are inactive and do not feed, and die 2 ~ 4 days later. Avermectin leaves very little of the drug, and is quickly broken down into non-toxic substances, so it is less destructive to natural enemies. Avermectin has no ovicidal effect.

Product name :Abamectin

CAS No. :71751-41-2


Molecular formula :C49H74O14

Molecular weight :887.11

Technical: 95%TC

Formulation: 1%GR,1.5%GR,5%EC

CAS: 71751-41-2

Chemical formula: C49H74O14

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Product Details

Mode of Action:

Abamectin has gastric toxicity and touch killing effect on mites and insects, but cannot kill eggs. The mechanism of action differs from common insecticides in that it interferes with neurophysiological activities and stimulates the release of gamma-aminobutyric acid, which has inhibitory effect on nerve conduction in arthropods. After contact with avermectin, adult mites, nymphs and insect larvae developed paralysis symptoms, were inactive and did not feed, and died 2 to 4 days later. Because it does not cause rapid dehydration, the lethal effect of avermectin is slow. Although abamectin has direct contact effect on predatory insects and parasitic natural enemies, it does little damage to beneficial insects because of little residue on plant surface. Abamectin is adsorbed by the soil in the soil, does not move, and is decomposed by microorganisms, so it has no cumulative effect in the environment and can be used as an integral part of integrated control. It is easy to make and can be used by pouring the preparation into water and stirring it slightly. It is also safer for crops and will not cause drug harm when used according to the method described. Suitable for crop vegetables, citrus, cotton, etc.

Object of control: Special effects against insect pests, such as diamondback moth, leaf miner moth, red spider, etc.

Abamectin is used to control mites such as red spider and rust spider by adding 1.8% abamectin in 3000 ~ 5000 times solution or 20 ~ 33 ml (effective concentration 3.6 ~ 6 mg/l) per 100 liters of water. For control of lepidopteran larvae such as diamonella xylostella, use 1.8% avermectin 2000 ~ 3000 times solution or 1.8% avermectin 33 ~ 50 ml (effective concentration 6 ~ 9 mg/l) spray per 100 liters of water. The effect is best when the larvae are at the beginning of hatching, and the effect can be enhanced by adding one part of dried vegetable oil. Chemical book

30 ~ 40 ml (effective composition 0.54 ~ 0.72 g) of 1.8% avermectin emulsion (effective composition 0.54 ~ 0.72 g) was used to control red spider in cotton field per mu. The effective period could reach 30 days.


 1. The killing speed of avermectin was slow, and the peak of death occurred only 3 days after application, but on the day of application, pests and moths stopped feeding and became harmful.

2. Abamectin is highly toxic to fish, so do not contaminate rivers, ponds, and do not apply it during the honey collecting period.


Symptoms of poisoning Early symptoms are dilated pupils, dysmobility, muscle tremors, and in severe cases, vomiting.

First aid treatment through the mouth: induce vomiting immediately and give the patient syrup of ipecac or ephedrine, but do not give the unconscious patient vomiting or anything. To avoid the use of drugs to enhance the activity of gamma-aminobutyric acid, such as barbiturate, valproic acid, etc.).


[1] Protective measures should be taken when applying the medicine, such as wearing a mask.

[2] It is highly toxic to fish and should avoid polluting water sources and ponds.

[3] Toxic to bees, do not apply during flowering.

[4] The last application is 20 days from the harvest date

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