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Flutriafol 97%TC,12.5%WP

Flutriafol is a kind of broad-spectrum internal fungicide, which has good protective and therapeutic effects on many diseases caused by basidiomycetes and ascomycetes, and can effectively control wheat crop mildew, rust, smut, corn smut, etc.

CAS: 76674-21-0

Chemical formula: C16H13F2N3O

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Product Details

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Technical requirements for use

In the early days of the onset of this product, pay attention to the spray uniform, and the occurrence of the disease. It can be applied once every 7 days and can be used 3 times in a row.

Dafengtian or it is expected to rain within 4 hours, please do not apply medicine.

The safety interval used on the wheat is 21 days, and the crops are used up to 3 times per season.


Product performance

This product is an internal suction triazole fungicide that is merged with the treatment and therapeutic effect. It has strong internal absorption. It is absorbed by the roots, stems, and leaves of the plant, and then transferred up by the vascular beam. Eliminate the effect.


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