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Hymexazol 2.4%+Metalaxyl 0.6%, aqueous solution

Jul 5th, 2023

Methaxyl Hymexazol is a systemic high-efficiency fungicide with long-lasting efficacy and a wide range of fungicides. It can prevent and control a variety of soil diseases and control a wide range of crops.

Methaxyl Hymexazol Control Objects

Rice: blight, sheath blight, sclerotinia and various diseases that cause seedling rot;

Wheat: take-all, head blight, sheath blight, snow mold, root rot, glume blight;

Cotton: blight, damping-off, blight, fusarium wilt, verticillium wilt;

Beet: blight, root rot;

Tobacco: damping-off, black shank;

Watermelon and cucumber: fusarium wilt, vine blight, blight, sclerotinia, blight, bacterial blight, gray mold;

Tomato: gray mold, early blight, late blight, cotton blight, fusarium wilt;

Eggplant: brown spot disease, fusarium wilt, cotton blight, sclerotinia;

Sweet pepper: botrytis, blight;

Cabbage, cabbage: black root disease, sclerotinia;

Beans: fusarium wilt, gray mold, sclerotinia;

Onions and garlic: gray mold, purple spot;

Fruit trees: round spot root rot, root rot, purple streak feather disease, white silk disease;

Forest trees, nurseries: blight, damping-off, etc.;

Lawns: Brown spot, Pythium wilt, Fusarium wilt