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Acetochlor 30% + Pendimethalin 10% for garlic, genger, cotton field

Jul 13th, 2023

Acetochlor 30% + Pendimethalin 10%is a selective pre-emergence herbicide for garlic, genger and cotton field

Technical requirement: 

1. The maximum number of uses per crop cycle is 1. 

2. After the garlic is sown, it is sprayed before the seedlings and before the weeds are unearthed, and the soil is sealed, and the amount of water is 30-40 kg/mu. 

3. Strictly control the application amount and application period, prevent application after emergence, and try not to move the topsoil after application. If the application amount is insufficient or the application period is late, or the weeds have emerged, it will affect the safety and control of crops. effect. 

4. Ensure the soil moisture before spraying. After spraying, do not move the topsoil layer to improve the efficacy of the pesticide. If the soil is dry and the topsoil is destroyed, the weeding effect will be reduced. 

5. In the film-covered ginger and garlic fields, the ginger and garlic unearthed under the film should be hooked out of the film surface in time to prevent high temperature and water droplets with liquid medicine from contacting the ginger and garlic seedlings to cause phytotoxicity. 

6. Wear protective clothing and gloves when using this product to avoid inhaling the liquid medicine. Do not eat or drink during application. Wash hands and face in time after application. 

7. Pregnant women and lactating women should stay away from it. 

8. The used packaging should be disposed of properly, and cannot be used for other purposes, nor can it be discarded at will