Profenofos can control both underground pests and aboveground pests. It can be used for stem and leaf treatment, soil treatment, and seed treatment.

  • Chlorfenapyr 98%TC, 96%TC,240g/l SC,10%ME
  • Chlorfenapyr 98%TC, 96%TC,240g/l SC,10%ME

Profenofos 94%TC,50%EC,40%EC,500G/LEC

Profenofos has contact killing and stomach poisoning effects, and the effect is rapid. It is still effective against cotton pests that are resistant to other organophosphates and pyrethroids. Or the mixed use of organophosphorus insecticides will give greater play to the efficacy of profenofos. It is also effective against rice stem borer, rice borer, rice leaf roller, and rice planthopper.

CAS: 41198-08-7

Chemical formula: C11H15BrClO3PS

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1.Profenofos has contact and stomach toxicity, no systemic effect, wide insecticidal spectrum, and can control harmful insects and mites in cotton and vegetable fields.

2. Profenofos is used to control various pests of cotton, vegetables, fruit trees and other crops, especially the control effect of resistant cotton bollworm is excellent.

3. Profenofos has contact and stomach poisoning effects, and can control cotton, vegetables, fruit trees and other pests and mites.


1. Control of cotton bollworm: use 60-100 ml of 44% emulsifiable oil per mu, and spray 60-100 kg of water.

2. Control of cotton aphids: use 30-60 ml of 44% emulsifiable oil per mu, and spray 30-60 kg of water.

3. Prevention and control of red bollworm: use 60-100 ml of 44% emulsifiable oil per mu, and spray 60-100 kg of water.

4. Prevention and control of leek maggots: use 300-500 ml of 50% EC per mu, and spray 450-800 kg of water.


1. It is strictly forbidden to mix with alkaline pesticides.

2. The mixed use of profenofos and cypermethrin has obvious synergies, and it is an effective agent for controlling resistant cotton bollworm.

3. The poisoned person is sent to the hospital for treatment, and the treatment agent is atropine or pralidoxime.

4. Safety interval: 14 days. The safety interval of profenofos on cotton is 5-12 days. The maximum number of times of use per season: 3 times.

5. Profenofos should not be used in orchards, high temperature will cause phytotoxicity to peach trees

6. The drug is harmful to alfalfa and sorghum.


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