Triflumizole control Object powdery mildew, rust and peach brown rot of wheat, fruit trees and vegetables.

  • Profenofos 94%TC,50%EC,40%EC,500G/LEC
  • Profenofos 94%TC,50%EC,40%EC,500G/LEC

Triflumizole 95%TC,30%WP

Triflumizole is a low toxicity fungicide.



CAS: 99387-89-0

Chemical formula: C15H15ClF3N3O

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Technical grade: 95%

Formulation: 30%WP


Triflumizole has the effects of prevention, treatment and eradication. It has good systemic conductivity, is resistant to rain erosion, and can prevent various crop diseases. It is a broad-spectrum fungicide with systemic, protective, therapeutic and eradicating effects. It is mainly used for the control of powdery mildew and rust in cereals, vegetables, fruit trees and other crops. For example, dressing 500g of 30% wettable powder per 100kg of seeds can prevent wheat stripe disease and smut; soaking seeds with 30% wettable powder 20 to 30 times for 10 minutes can prevent rice bakanae, rice blast, and flax leaf blight; in addition, it can also prevent tea tree anthracnose, peach brown rot, blight and anthracnose of melons and vegetables, etc.

Control Object: It is suitable for the prevention and control of powdery mildew, rust and peach brown rot of wheat, fruit trees and vegetables.


1. Triflumizole has certain toxicity to fish, so it can prevent and pollute the pond.

2. Triflumizole  should be placed in a dark place away from food and feed.

3. The safe interval on cucumbers is only 2 days. Use up to 2 times per season.


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