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35% phoxim microcapsule suspension

Jul 14th, 2023

35% phoxim microcapsule suspension 

Generally speaking, microencapsulation is to wrap the effective ingredients of pesticides with high molecular materials (called encapsulation materials or wall materials), just like dumplings, the effective ingredients of pesticides become the stuffing of dumplings, and the wall materials become the skin of dumplings. The semi permeability of wall material can prolong the duration of pesticide, delay the degradation rate of effective ingredients, improve the insecticidal effect and reduce the toxic and side effects.

Microcapsule suspension (CS)_Pilarbio (shanghai) co. LTD

35% phoxim is an organophosphorus insecticide of the thiophosphate class, which mainly controls pests through contact killing, stomach poisoning and fumigation. Processed into microcapsule suspending agent with long lasting effect, it has a good control effect on underground pests such as peanut field crabs.


1. 35% phoxim can be used on peanuts once a season at most; 

2. It is recommended to use it alternately with other insecticides with other mechanisms of action to delay the emergence of resistance. 

3. This product is poisonous to bees, fish and other aquatic organisms and silkworms. During the application period, the impact on the surrounding bee colonies should be avoided, and it is forbidden to use during the flowering period of flowering plants, silkworm rooms, mulberry gardens and bird protection areas; apply pesticides away from aquaculture areas , It is forbidden to wash pesticide application equipment in rivers and other water bodies. Respond immediately after application. 

4. This product should not be mixed with alkaline pesticides and other substances. 

5. Wear protective clothing and gloves when using this product to avoid inhaling the liquid medicine. Do not eat or drink during application. Wash hands and face in time after application. 

6. Pregnant women and lactating women should stay away from it. 

7. The used containers should be disposed of properly, and cannot be used for other purposes, nor can they be discarded at will.